Volume 1, Issue 1

Research Article Published: 26 September 2022

Interfering Factors in the Growth of the Pediatric Population after Kidney Transplantation

Karina De Castro Zocrato ,Maria Goretti Moreira Guimarães ,Sérgio Veloso Brant Pinheiro

Research Article Published: 23 September 2022

Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Approaches to the Treatment of Steroid-Sensitive Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome: A Review

Mariana Marta De Oliveira Antunes,Maria Goretti Moreira Guimarães Penido ,Ana Maria Fidelis Silva Campos ,Sérgio Veloso Brant Pinheiro

Research Article Published: 23 September 2022

The Entanglement between Metabolic Associated Non- Alcoholic Fatty liver Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease Progression is more than just a Strong Correlation. A Narrative Review

Mohamed A Nasreldin ,Sayed Essam ,Muaz Ahmed ,Mahmoud Alnokeety ,Tamer Elsalamony ,Abdulsalam Noor ,Ibraheem Saeed

Research Article Published: 20 September 2022

Some Effects of Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract on Cobalt Chloride Induced Kidney Damage in Adult Wistar Rats

Ajibade AJ ,1Adeayo T.E

Research Article Published: 19 September 2022

The cold-hot Properties of Aconitum Carmichaelii and Coptis Chinensis on the Temperature Sensor-Transient Receptor potential Vanilloid 4 Channel in Rat Tubular Epithelial Cells

Ruiping Li ,Wansen Sun ,Xiaoling Tie ,Zhu Wang ,Yan Liu ,Jun Xie ,Xin Li

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Dr Shiming Tang

Clinical Reviews and Case Reports, The comment form the peer-review were satisfactory. I will cements on the quality of the journal when I receive my hardback copy


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