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Manuscript Submission Checklist

ClinicSearch Publishing LLC is thankful for your decision to submit your work in journal

By submitting your manuscript to Journal of XX, it is believed that your paper comprises genuine information of specific interest that fits into the scope of the Journal. Before submitting your manuscript, please go through the following checklist and ensure that you have satisfied the listed points and conditions. For further information and assistance please contact

1. Pre Submission

You are requested to go through the detailed Author guidelinesin the journal home page.

2. Scope

Please make sure that you have checked if the article falls into the scope of the Journal by crosschecking the keywords of the article. This helps in reducing the unnecessary delay in editorial process. However, after submission the manuscript will undergo a pre QC checkup.

3. Plagiarism

Please check if you have screened the manuscript for plagiarism against the published content. By submitting the manuscript, you agree that the whole content is original, cited appropriately and can be subjected to plagiarism detection before Editorial review process.

4. Contact info

Please check if you have provided the complete mailing address of corresponding author along with the Email ids of co-authors.

5. Cover letter

Check thoroughly if you have provided a cover letter which contains a constructive summary of significance and broadness of the study, ethical concerns and competing interest. You should also declare that the work is original and not published or under consideration in any other journal. No conflict of interest among the authors is an important point to be mentioned in the cover letter.

Supplementary files and formats

Please check if the manuscript document and all the supplementary files are in an acceptable and most compatible format.

• Main manuscript
Formats: DOC, PDF.

• Illustration and Figure files
Formats: PDF, PNG, JPEG, Power Point. Must be separate files, not embedded in the main manuscript.

• Tables
Tables must be simple and prepare each table with double-spacing on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure the tables are cited in the text appropriately.

6. Article-processing charges

Please be aware that Journal XX has an Article Processing Charge payable for articles when accepted for publication. This has to be paid before the article is published online. However the final version of the article before publication will be sent to the author.

For any queries regarding the processing fee, please send a mail to

7. Correspondence

Normally, corresponding author will handle the whole submission process. Sometimes one of the authors may submit on behalf of corresponding author and take responsibility of communication during peer review process.

8. Conditions for submission

By submitting the manuscript you confirm that you have taken appropriate ethical approvals from concern departments/committees for any experiments on humans or animals and informed consent from the patients or guardian for the usage of their profile and images in the manuscript. On submission you ensure that the manuscript have been read and approved by all the participating authors; on submission you also ensure that the content is genuine and is not published/considered for publication elsewhere.

Once the manuscript has been accepted for publication, the Corresponding Author gets the copyright under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. This license allows articles to be freely downloaded from the ClinicSearch website, and also allows articles and data to be re-used and re-distributed without restriction, as long as the original work is correctly cited.

  I am the submitting author of this article and I have gone through the above mentioned checklist. I accept the conditions of submission and the ClinicSearch Publishing LLC Copyright and License Agreement.

Contact Details

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Clinical Trials and Clinical Research: I am delighted to provide a testimonial for the peer review process, support from the editorial office, and the exceptional quality of the journal for my article entitled “Effect of Traditional Moxibustion in Assisting the Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients.” The peer review process for my article was rigorous and thorough, ensuring that only high-quality research is published in the journal. The reviewers provided valuable feedback and constructive criticism that greatly improved the clarity and scientific rigor of my study. Their expertise and attention to detail helped me refine my research methodology and strengthen the overall impact of my findings. I would also like to express my gratitude for the exceptional support I received from the editorial office throughout the publication process. The editorial team was prompt, professional, and highly responsive to all my queries and concerns. Their guidance and assistance were instrumental in navigating the submission and revision process, making it a seamless and efficient experience. Furthermore, I am impressed by the outstanding quality of the journal itself. The journal’s commitment to publishing cutting-edge research in the field of stroke rehabilitation is evident in the diverse range of articles it features. The journal consistently upholds rigorous scientific standards, ensuring that only the most impactful and innovative studies are published. This commitment to excellence has undoubtedly contributed to the journal’s reputation as a leading platform for stroke rehabilitation research. In conclusion, I am extremely satisfied with the peer review process, the support from the editorial office, and the overall quality of the journal for my article. I wholeheartedly recommend this journal to researchers and clinicians interested in stroke rehabilitation and related fields. The journal’s dedication to scientific rigor, coupled with the exceptional support provided by the editorial office, makes it an invaluable platform for disseminating research and advancing the field.


Dr Shiming Tang

Clinical Reviews and Case Reports, The comment form the peer-review were satisfactory. I will cements on the quality of the journal when I receive my hardback copy


Hameed khan